IONEX is KYMCO's ambition of entering the electric market and taking strides towards the global efforts of the green movement. Our mission is to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world. IONEX marks the beginning of the new era of electric scooters with its innovative vehicle designs and open energy platform. IONEX is a game-changing electric solution that eliminates all barriers to go green.


IONEX is coming to the UK market, starting in the summer of 2022 with the marvellous i-One, a 50cc electric scooter with looks from the future, 60km of range, impressive technology and a top speed of 45 km/h. This scooter is made for urban commuters, with a focus on the UK fleet network.






Chairman Allen Ko’s visionary approach has transformed KYMCO from a powersports brand to the epicenter of an all-encompassing electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, and he is prepared to lead KYMCO into the future with state of the art innovations in electric energy. We invite you to be part of the movement towards sustainable transportation and lead the charge in the global transition to electric vehicles.



As a leading global powersports brand, KYMCO has prioritized bringing customers the best riding experience for everyday life. Amid the climate crisis, that experience must now include leaving a lighter touch on the environment. In addition to providing groundbreaking charging solutions, KYMCO is combining over two decades of electric vehicle design and manufacturing expertise with a tried and tested EV ecosystem.



The IONEX ecosystem combines vehicle manufacturing capabilities with fleet management software, battery application expertise, smart city planning and monitoring, warehousing, logistics and more. Partners can plug their own existing hardware and software into this white-label ecosystem to take advantage of our economies of scale and ensure fast go to market speeds.


The future achieved together


We are excited to be investing in smart charging solutions, cloud management systems, and state of the art electric vehicles. These technologies open doors to greener possibilities with partners, investors, and customers. We encourage other ambitious companies looking to be a part of the mobility transformation to join us in this movement, using the IONEX platform.


UK's cross country charging network


The world is gearing up for the electric energy transformation. We believe every location should have electric charging stations—and that soon that vision will become a reality. Our autonomous AC charging stations have a wide range of applications. They can be installed outside supermarkets, hotels, tourist hotspots, and even at gas stations, all while generating ongoing revenue. We are in the process of establishing a country wide infrustructure network of charging stations for IONEX products across the UK.




A green, eco-friendly future is approaching, and KYMCO is gearing up to be a leading force in it. The company aims to rely on 50 percent green energy by the year 2025. From manufacturing fun and reliable electric vehicles to innovating the most convenient charging solution yet, KYMCO is taking the electric transportation industry by storm. As the world turns to renewable energy, KYMCO is proud to continue building a sustainable transportation model for everyone.




Better, faster, greener charging. We make going electric easy


We combine versatility with convenience to provide the ultimate electric charging experience. Our upcoming range of charging options—from plug-in charging to super-fast DC charging stations—means there’s a solution for every charging need. With our smart city applications and mobile swapping services, commuters and city planners can all be a part of the green revolution.





If you have a driveway or garage, the most convenient way to charge an electric vehicle is to plug-in at home.


Removable Battery Charging


Where plug-in charging is not an option, you can simply remove your batteries and charge in the comfort of your home.


Battery Swapping


For commercial purpose vehicles, battery swapping is the preferred option. Swappable batteries eliminate having to wait while charging, and give businesses the required non-stop vehicle operations. Consequently, in-house battery swapping stations which allow employees to conveniently power up are becoming indispensable for businesses.




The ridesharing economy continues to grow. Our upcoming charge point network, battery swapping, and upcoming power outlet network all embrace the spirit of the sharing economy. Electric vehicle sharing is eco-friendly and cost effective. It is both welcomed by consumers for its ease of use and cost efficiency as well as supported by governments.


public mobility


City governments everywhere are shifting toward public transit systems. However, access to stations significantly deters citizens, particularly when they have to walk more than 10 minutes to get to one. Service coverage can be expanded through station-based shared EV rental, solving this long-standing last-mile problem.




By leveraging our charging stations, businesses and dealerships can easily establish themselves as major EV dealers and power fleet operators. EV drivers can harness our charging network, which features a state of the art cloud operating system to power worldwide partners in optimizing their operations for maximum revenue generation and the lowest possible operating costs.

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