Partner with us and lead the charge to electric.

We are on the forefront of a fast evolving electric mobility revolution. We seek out other forward thinking organizations and talents to join us in meeting the growing demand for electric energy. IONEX offers sustainability in your business and operations, with reliable manufacturing, fantastic range and speeds, and plenty of flexiblility in storage and transportability. Enhance your turn around time with more ease of mind than ever before with an IONEX product.

Leading the Charge Through Cooperation


Advances in electric transportation present opportunities to transform industries around the world, and we are prepared to be on the forefront of that change. As electric vehicles go beyond simply being mobile vehicles, the IONEX ecosystem will expand to accommodate the needs of the market — extending into power storage and energy consumption, infrastructure, software and hardware integration, and more, accelerating the adoption of EVs.

Creating space for intergrated industry solutions


The IONEX EV ecosystem promotes profitable industry collaboration between investors and operators. Investors can integrate our services into their businesses for synergistic effects. In turn, we will invest in the status and long-term operations of the enterprise, growing commercial and market value. We are committed to improving the corporate governance to ensure the continuous and long-term development of the enterprise.

Upgrade your business The Ionex Way


The era of system-wide services for the electric vehicle ecosystem has come. We are on the forefront of this integration, with innovative e-mobility knowhow and powerful operational partner services in EV products. Our infrastructure, technology, resources and support are in development and will always be accessible to our partners.

Energy services done right


Wherever you are in the world, IONEX is on hand to help you set up to be a commercially operating electronic energy provider. Utilize our hardware and cloud services to add a new revenue stream and future-proof your business.

Be apart of the foundation


We are quickly building a reputation as a reliable partner to existing entities in integrating EV services with operations and investments. We are in the process of establishing a country wide IONEX charging network in the UK, as well as in discussions of how IONEX products proceed within the Fleet Industry. 

Your brand, Your Ionex


Partnering with us means having our electric mobility solutions at your service while maintaining autonomy over marketing and branding. With IONEX, you and your business can fully customise the visual appearance of your electric vehicle, to fully bring out both your business and the IONEX brand.

Flexible Power Solutions


Our innovative and upcoming IONEX battery exchange system provides users with multiple options to easily and efficiently recharge their vehicles. From plug-in charging, to removable battery charging, to removable battery swapping, the user never needs to wait for or worry about a charge again.

Sharing is caring


Recent trends in consumer transportation patterns have shown that users increasingly seek out affordable, eco-friendly options. Our developing EV ecosystem of electric vehicles, public charging stations, and cloud network means partners can invest in this lucrative and efficient system and join the movement.

Our charging infrustructure promise


Our upcoming charging stations will be strategically designed and placed to offer superior convenience, value, and efficiency. Accessibility to electric charging at popular hotspots such as metro stations will allow consumers ample flexibility in usage and ease of mind in travelling in many urban environments.

Our Global Partners


We have already collaborated with dozens of brands to make green energy a reality in industries across the globe, and are looking to continue with expanding our partnerships when the IONEX network is fully established in the UK and Europe.

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