Cloud technology means the Sky is the Limit!

We are integrating cloud functionality into EV charging to fully automate the charging process. Our cloud-based management system acts as the “brain” that coordinates charging across stations and manages service delivery. The accessibility and convenience of our charging stations is sparking new possibilities in the growing market of EV transportation.

Sharing is Caring


The ridesharing economy continues to grow. Our planned charge point network, battery swapping, and planned power outlet network all embrace the spirit of the sharing economy. Electric vehicle sharing is eco-friendly and cost effective. It is both welcomed by consumers for its ease of use and cost efficiency as well as supported by governments.

Last-Mile Solution


City governments everywhere are shifting toward public transit systems. However, access to stations significantly deters citizens, particularly when they have to walk more than 10 minutes to get to one. Service coverage can be expanded through station-based shared EV rental, solving this long-standing last-mile problem.

Business done better


By leveraging our charging stations, businesses and dealerships can easily establish themselves as major EV dealers and power fleet operators. EV drivers can harness our charging network, which features a state of the art cloud operating system to power worldwide partners in optimizing their operations for maximum revenue generation and the lowest possible operating costs.

Data enhanceD ev's


Data analysis through our cloud network creates new possibilities for optimization. Cloud data analysis has applications in monitoring and analyzing charging station usage, providing on-board navigation services, calculating insurance rates, and more. These comprehensive functions work seamlessly with vehicles, batteries, mobile apps, and charging facilities.

Our planned charging stations will be geared toward helping businesses grow and manage their EV charging networks with maximum efficiency by providing the ultimate network OS. What will make our charging systems different is their fully autonomous operation that helps businesses achieve the lowest possible operating costs and highest efficiency. The cloud OS provides insights into how riders use the stations in order to automatically set prices, process payments, balance energy load, and resolve incidents remotely. Our planned charging stations take care of everything so no service staff is required in day-to-day operations. Owners can simply sit back and watch our stations automatically and continuously grow their revenue. Thanks to real-time analysis via the cloud, EV networks can effortlessly scale up while keeping costs down.

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