Electric vehicles are finally more than just an option. They’re the better option.

We are on the forefront of a fast evolving electric mobility revolution. The IONEX electric products are the solution to meeting the expectations of both the consumer and the planet, by providing excellent range and consumption efficiency, reliable manufacturing and comfortable storage, to keep the consumers' mind at ease whilst on their journey. IONEX paves the way to leading the charge in both consumer satisfaction and reducing climate change effects from transportation.

The IONEX product lineup starts with the i-One, launching in the UK in the summer of 2022, followed by the Agility EV, launching in the UK in 2023. We are looking to consistently expand the IONEX product range with more and more EV vehicles across the next couple of years. Keep an eye out for more IONEX product announcements in the future!

The IONEX Solution


We combine recharge technology and vehicle system integration with custom-designed EV models to meet the needs of global partners. This focus provides partners with total, flexible electric transportation solutions in four main areas: charging structures, fleet operations, vehicle sharing, and public transit.



We invest in strategic partnerships that specialize in manufacturing and developing critical parts and materials, particularly in the electric industry. We focus on smart charging stations, smart batteries, and advanced IT systems, including the world’s first cloud-based EV infrastructure operating system.

Lead your own charge


We are developing a UK based commercial platform to provide industry-specific electric mobility solutions to business partners while allowing partners to maintain their own brands and marketing positions on these vehicles. We invite global partners to launch their own fleet of fully customized and white-labeled EVs.

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