DTX 360 - 125cc in stock

POSTED: 02/05/2022


We are excited to announce that our highly anticipated DTX 360 - 125cc is now in stock with our UK dealer network. You may have seen this beautiful scooter zipping around in main areas of the UK already, and we encourage you to avoid the doubt, jump on this bike and join the many riders already having an adventure on the DTX 360! See below just a couple of our key dealers stocking this bike;

Ryder Motorcycles


Ryder Motorcycles are one of our new main dealers, and immediately invested in the DTX 360 before the arrival of the product in the UK. Since then, they have been arriving and leaving the same day with delighted new owners in the East London area.

Boat Harbour London


Boat Harbour are another key dealer of ours who invested in the DTX 360 before it arrival in the UK. They love selling our Maxi scooters like the AK 550 and Xciting S400, so the DTX 360 was a no brainer for them to stock!

Chelsea Motorcycles


Chelsea Motorcycles are another of our big new dealers, and are based and operate in the heart of London, with heavy influence in the Fleet Network and electric sector. With their expertise, Chelsea have further pushed the KYMCO brand into new horizons!

Motorcycle World Northampton

Motorcycle World Northampton are a new key dealer of ours who have been a great dealer to work with since their appointment. Their stock of the DTX 360 is flourishing in and out of their showrooms, so keep an eye out for this bike in the area!

MG Motorcycles


MG Motorcycles have been a fantastic support of KYMCO, and immediately jumped on getting a DTX 360 for show in their dealership, as well as stock for sale!

We will be updating this post with more of our dealers with their beautiful DTX 360's, so keep an eye out here and social media for DTX 360 and Dealer updates!

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