Kymco UK Ltd will guarantee your KYMCO product against all assembly and material faults for a period of 24 months (12 months for commercial use) from the date on which the product was purchased, irrespective of the mileage (subject to terms and conditions).

You will receive from your dealer a Warranty & Service Booklet, The purchase date must be written on the warranty registration card (within the booklet), and must be returned to Kymco UK Ltd within 10 days of purchase.

The warranty covers:
a) Repair or replacement of parts recognised to be defective, including the corresponding labour based on the KYMCO repair time schedule

b) Rectification of paint faults on the product, which must have prior authorisation from Kymco UK Ltd
The decision to replace or repair defective parts is made by Kymco UK Ltd. Replaced parts must be returned to Kymco UK Ltd (upon request) and become the property of Kymco UK Ltd.

The warranty is applicable provided:
a) An approved KYMCO dealer has serviced/maintained the product

b) The service schedule stipulated in this manual has been carried out at the recommended intervals. (6000km or 6 months, whichever is sooner)

c) The machine has not been modified in any way, or fitted with non-genuine parts or non-approved accessories

d) The machine has not been used for racing or any similar competition

The warranty does not cover:
a) Parts which are subject to normal wear and tear, such as: engine/transmission oil, spark plugs, control cables, fuses, filter elements, tyres, bulbs, friction linings, chains, sprockets, batteries, exhausts due to external corrosion, or accessories which are not part of the Kymco UK Ltd range.

b) Costs of regular maintenance.

c) Damage due to misuse, handling contrary to the instructions in the owner�s manual, overloading or lack of experience on the part of the owner.

d) Damage due to accidents.

e) Costs incurred by the product failing to start

f) Damage to the product due to external causes, such as stone impacts, chemical, animal, vegetable or atmospheric precipitation on the paintwork.

g) Damage arising from natural phenomena such as snow, hail, storms or floods.