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Fri, 15 Aug 2014

What type of rider are you?

Everyone has their own style, their own tastes, their own preferences – your motorbike should be an extension of those things. Creating cost effective, stylish and of course super-fun motorcycles is one thing, but the team at Kymco specialise in creating motorcycles with personality. Whether you need a workhorse, a quick mode of transportation, or something to take you on an adventure – you’ll find what you need at Kymco.

We’re asking ‘What type of rider are you?’.

Here’s our top three bike personalities and the accompanying motorbike to match your style.

1.       The Commuter – Kymco Agility 50

Fed up of the tube? Paying too much in petrol, congestion charges or insurance just to get to and from work? Well the Agility 50 is right for you.

The commuter needs to get to work on time, wants to be reliable and wants to be able to avoid those pesky tube strikes. The commuter is trend savvy, independent and has a fast paced life. The agility 50 takes into account all those things and rolls a complete transportation package into one massively cost efficient scooter. For less than the cost of a yearly travelcard and at a fraction of the cost of a car, you can save money and commute faster at the same time. With average fuel costs, £6 is all it takes for an entire weeks commute – perfect.

2.       The Cruiser – Zing II 125

The Cruiser wants to explore what the world has to offer and feel the wind rushing by. The Cruiser wants style and grunt rolled into one. The Cruiser wants freedom.

Longing for the open road? The Zing II 125 is your ticket to freedom. With a top speed of 70mph and a tank that gets you 80 miles per gallon, this laid back head turner is made for those road trips where time and distance simply don’t matter. Built for those who want to enjoy a longer ride, the Zing II 125 is perfect for those who want to see where the road takes them.

3.       The adventurer -  MXU 150 RL 2WD

The adventurer wants weekends on a beach, treks through the woods and excitement in the outdoors. The adventurer loves camping (and maybe a bit of denim or plaid). The adventurer isn’t scared of an obstacle and chooses camping over hotel rooms. The MXU 150 RL 2WD Quad Bike from Kymco is perfect for those looking to get out of the office and escape the hustle and bustle (and potentially get covered in mud). Perfect for on and off road riding, this quad incorporates an automatic gearbox for ease of use and can be used in a working environment as well. This ATV is compliant with Euro 2 guidelines, which means increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower noise levels. 

Whatever your style, Kymco has the perfect motorbike for you. Whether you need to get from A to B as quickly as possible or want to take the long route home, you’ll find a range of cost effective motorcycles ideal for learners or ‘born again’ riders. With a great selection of fantastic finance options and some of the cheapest insurance policies around where prices start from as little as £99 per year, a motorcycle from Kymco is a great way to save money on transport and enjoy the ride no matter where you’re headed.

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