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Tue, 17 Jun 2014

Scooter Insurance for less than 200 a year from Kymco

That time of the year when we look at insurance quotes can be particularly cringe worthy for anyone, but for the 17 -20 year old it can be downright distressing. For teenagers, saving up to buy a car is one thing, but keeping it on the road is another completely. A new car tends to start at around £10,000, then by adding on a few thousand pounds more a year for insurance alone, having a car tends to become very expensive, very fast. For those who bought second hand, the insurance can often cost more than the car itself!

This is partly the reason younger people are turning to scooters, as they cost a fraction of the price to buy and are exempt from a lot of congestion charges.

It’s well known that scooters are extremely mobile and cost effective, but don’t take our word for it…

The team at Kymco put together a quick comparison list with the help of the insurance calculator highlighting the difference in insurance costs between cars and one of our scooters. The results speak for themselves.

Our search parameters involved postcode region, age and gender, however according to “Gender is no longer used by insurers when calculating premiums” but we had to select one to get through to the next stage.

These were the average car insurance prices in Q1 of 2014.

Our postcode region was Outer London.

Age was 17-20

Price - £2408

Out of interest we tried Inner London

Age was 17-20

Price - £2976

Not surprisingly insurance prices dropped by almost half when the age was increased to the 21-25 yr category and over half when the 26-30 yr category was selected. A scary thought indeed, add this to the average cost of a new car at the cheaper end of the spectrum (£10,000) and you’re looking at a hefty bill before you drive out of the dealership.

Compare this with one of Kymco’s scooters.

Our region is the whole of the UK

Aged 16-24

Price - £199*

Age 25+

Price - £99*

That’s right, just £99 or £199 for the whole year, depending on your age. That’s potentially a saving of £2,777, with extra savings on fuel and congestion charges aside. Far more appealing than nearly three thousand pounds, right?

With the likes of the Kymco Agility RS 50 2 Stroke costing a mere £1,399 and a range of finance options that can get you on the road for as little as £35 a month, a scooter from Kymco is a cost effective alternative to a car for teenagers looking to get on the road.

Perfect for teenagers, learner riders and commuters alike, Kymco’s range of scooters are perfect for those who want freedom without the hefty price tag. Visit for more information.

*Subject to terms and conditions (if the client does not qualify, Masco Ltd. will contribute towards the cheapest Lexham quotation).