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Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Save 2K And Beat The Congestion Charge

The congestion charge; the bane of every London driver’s existence! It’s bad enough the traffic jams in London make scenes from the recent TV show Walking Dead look like open road heaven, but we now have to pay for the privilege of escaping them.

If you’re a non-resident and you apply for the yearly discount (a fantastic £1), the congestion charge costs £10 per day and seeing as there are 253 working days in a year that £10 racks up to a hefty bill of £2530 per annum! Add that to petrol, parking fees, tax, insurance and the next minute you’re thinking about busting those rollerblades back out of the cupboard to try and save some money.

Ever thought about a scooter?

I’ve you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why scooter drivers look so happy; it’s because their two wheeled chariot of dreams is exempt from congestion charges!

That’s right. No. Congestion. Charge.

In addition to the thousands of free parking spaces throughout London for motorbike & scooter riders, congestion charge exemption is another great bonus that comes with a scooter. With most small capacity scooters able to run at around 120 miles per gallon, £6 pound can get you to and from work for a whole week – that’s a major saving on tube fairs too.

Couple the congestion charge savings with a feeling of absolute awesomeness as you cruise past those chumps stuck in traffic like a boss on your Kymco scooter. The wind in your face and an extra tenner in your pocket, oh “what’s that?” you say “free parking? Don’t mind if I do!” you congratulate yourself on getting to work on time or being fashionably late for the right party whilst arriving in style.

“Of course you can ride on the back of my scooter” You say to your date as you ride off into the sunset and live happily ever.

Ok maybe we’re exaggerating a bit here, but a scooter is a fun, cost effective way to get around London, whether you’re commuting to work or sick of the tube. Cheaper than a car and hell of a lot more enjoyable, beat the congestion charge with a scooter from Kymco.

Visit and take a look at the great range of scooters starting from as little as £1199 – that’s half the amount of a yearly congestion pass!