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Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Kymcos Scooter Cities - London

‘Strike proof’, free from congestion charge and cheaper than an annual travelcard – Londoners choosing a scooter as an alternative to public transport are reaping the financial benefits and turning the nation’s capital into a Scooter City.

As part of the Kymco Scooter Cities highlights, we’re focusing on London – one of the world’s great tourist destinations and busiest cities. With over 8.3 million people currently taking up residence in the city, more and more are turning to scooters for their daily commute to escape the crowds on the tube and avoid those infamous traffic jams on the road.

Days out can be transformed into mini adventures when you invest in a scooter.

Cheap to run, with many models clocking at least 100 miles to the gallon (that’s just 6 quid) a scooter can get you to and from work  for a whole week for the price of a lunch, but it also provides a far more thrilling option for those days out exploring.

Full of must see sights, London is jam packed with world famous landmarks, but trying to see them all in a day is a nightmare. Buckingham palace, The British Museum, London Eye, Madame Tussauds -the list goes on, but it’s not just tourists who want to explore the city; residents are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful parks and recreational sites on their doorstep.

‘Leisure Scootering’ as we’ve named is a fantastic way to explore the beautiful city and get away from smelly arm pits and people coughing all over you on the tube. Free from congestion charges you are able to take advantage of thousands of free parking locations across London, a day out on a scooter across London is not only cheap but extremely fun. Take a pillion passenger for lunch in Notting Hill, visit the famous Abbey Road studios crosswalk or check out the residence of Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street without relying on the tube or getting stuck in traffic.

Existing drivers licence holders can ride a scooter (50cc) without taking any further tests, and new drivers need only a CBT to get on the road, and as Kymco have a range of scooters that are far lower than the price of an annual travelcard, a scooter is a cheaper more exciting way to explore your city!

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