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Thu, 22 May 2014

Kymcos city ride survival guide

For those of us who travel on bikes, whether motorised or pedal powered, the freedom involved is exhilarating. Great side alleys giving way to restaurants no one knows about, romantic little spots ideal to take a date to and free parking spaces are all easily discovered on your two wheeled chariot of dreams.

For the unacquainted or inexperienced rider a city centre can be a veritable cesspit of obstacles. Whilst already having to deal with anything from car drivers not noticing you - opening doors whilst parked or cutting in front of you a little bit too close for comfort on the road, to ignorant people stepping out on the street and directly in your way, there’s quite a lot to think about when taking to the streets.

So that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five survival tips for motorcycle and scooter riders ideal for everything from taking in a city tour to your daily commute.

1.       Wear a helmet and leathers

Ok the outfit doesn’t really match your double denim weekend aesthetic or look as chic as Steve McQueen in The Great escape, but it might just save your life. Studies show that good leather protection can last almost 15x longer than denim - saving your hide should you ever fall off.

2.       Fill your tank up.

Petrol stations in city centres can be notoriously difficult to come by. Make sure you’re topped up before your trip. There are few things worse than having to push your motorcycle or scooter to work through busy streets. It’s embarrassing and tiring.

3.       Be wary of taxis.

Taxis are a law unto themselves; they turn on a dime and stop suddenly without any warning whatsoever. No matter where you are, whether cruising through London or taking in the sights of Italy, keep a safe distance between yourself and any taxis whilst on a motorbike or scooter.

4.       Plan your route.

If you’ve got a deadline to meet or you need to be somewhere at an exact time, you can take advantage of any side streets or alleys with a motorbike or scooter. Taking a few moments before you set off to plan your trip effectively means you can shave minutes off your travel time by finding out any secret little routes. Plus you get to make people stuck in traffic jams jealous.

5.       Keep your eyes on the road.

You’re on a bike, the wind is in your hair, the world is your oyster, of course you want to take in the sights and see what your city has to offer, but just make sure you do it safely!

If you see something interesting, pull over and take it all in from a safe viewpoint. Keeping a keen eye on the road stops you bumping into standstill traffic or hitting any obstacles that may be in front of you.

These are just a few tips that can all help make you’re daily commute or sightseeing trip that little bit more enjoyable. Our team at Kymco know what riders go through because we’re scooter & motorcycle riders ourselves, that’s why our bikes are so good. With a variety of fuel efficient bikes that can achieve anywhere between 80 -120 miles per gallon of fuel (that’s just £6!) we save commuters and scooter riders thousands per year.