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Fri, 20 Jan 2017

Kymco Noodoe Brings Connectivity To Scooters

At Motorcycle Expo 2016, MASCO exclusively previewed the new KYMCO Noodoe App technology, which will soon be available on the KYMCO Like 125i and KYMCO AK550, as standard, when they launch in the UK later on in the year.

This brand new app-connected Bluetooth technology has been developed exclusively for KYMCO and gives scooter riders a simple and safe way to benefit from many of the connectivity features that car drivers use, including a new ‘Smart Compass’ navigation system and fun social and communications functionality.

Ian Kidson, MD of MASCO Ltd, the sole UK importer for KYMCO, said; “Replicating the connectivity features we see in cars onto a scooter is challenging.  Riders simply can’t look at a detailed map or manipulate a touchscreen while also keeping two hands on the bars.  Therefore KYMCO Noodoe has been developed with the practically of riding scooters in mind and what information riders / commuters would specifically need to help ease their journeys – it’s an exciting technological development for the scooter world.”

About KYMCO Noodoe

  • It is an app-connected colour display that will be offered as a standard feature on both the KYMCO Like 125i and KYMCO AK550 in the UK.
  • The scooters have an in-built colour screen in the dashboard that is controlled by three switches next to the rider’s right thumb.  Various screens can show a weather forecast, a digital speedometer, a trip computer and a “Smart Compass’ navigation system.  It all operates over Bluetooth via the rider’s phone, running the Noodoe App.
  • The Smart Compass does not show a traditional map or street, so as not to distract the rider who may only glance at the display briefly.  Instead it only shows the distance and relative direction of the destination that was chosen in the Noodoe App.
  • Another feature shows the location of points of interest like petrol stations, KYMCO service centres as small icons on the screen – again without streets specifically marked.
  • The App also helps riders find their KYMCO Scooter by showing a compass indicator to the last place they parked. 
  • There is also a big social function to the KYMCO Noodoe App.  Riders can create a VIP group of friends and see their location on the Smart Compass when riding nearby.

One of the most unusual features is the ability to customise the look of each display screen.  Using the KYMCO Noodoe App, users can change the colour and design of the screens and upload it to their scooter.  There is also an online library that enables users to share designs.  You can also take a photo and transfer it to your display.

Like most app-connected systems, KYMCO Noodoe also has the ability to show notifications for everything from missed calls to Facebook and incoming emails – the difference being is that with Noodoe it will ONLY show these notifications in Stop Mode, i.e. when the scooter’s speed is at zero.

The idea is to prevent riders pulling their smartphones out of their pockets while at the traffic lights.

For now, KYMCO states that this type of app-integration is completely new for the scooter market and that it will become, like in the car-world, a feature that every scooter rider will want to have and expect in the future.

Until KYMCO Noodoe arrives in the UK with the launch of the KYMCO Like 125i and KYMCO AK550

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