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Tue, 21 Feb 2017

Interview with Ian Brown from Quad Bike Tours

Q. Ian, please tell us a little bit about your business, Quad Bike Tours?

Quad Bike Tours offer outdoor activities in two beautiful locations in Scotland and the Scottish Highlands - both easily accessible from Fort William, Aviemore and Inverness. 

Our main activities include off road quad biking, guided tours and 4x4 experiences that can be enjoyed by all the family, as well as by groups and individuals who want a fun day out.

We offer a choice of one, two or three & half hour trips, where participants can be guided through Ancient Caledonian forests, head in to the hills or follow the rivers with their raging rapids and waterfalls, we can even throw in Scottish Baronial castles.

With nearly 70,000 acres at our disposal we can offer something for everyone in the most stunning of settings.

Q. With such a variety of tours for customers of all ages to choose from - and on a range of mixed terrains - what type of quads do you operate?

Over the past 12 years we have run a variety of bikes, Honda’s, Yamaha, Polaris, New Force, TGB, Kawasaki and now Kymco. Each bike has its merits and weak points and with what is probably the largest area of quad bike trails in the UK we certainly know how to put bikes to the test

Q. What is the main consideration for you as a specialist quad bike tour operator in choosing Quads?

Reliability has to be top of the list, when you are taking clients into a remote area, high in to the mountains and miles from base you need confidence in the machines you operate, ease of use and ease of maintenance are also key considerations and like any business cost has to play a part in that decision.

Q. Why did you choose KYMCO?

I’d looked at Kymco over a number of years, I liked the look of the bikes, they felt well-built and priced, but could find very few tour operators in the UK running them, this was a complete contrast to the rest of Europe where you saw them everywhere, I even took bikes out when on holiday to see how they felt, but never went that final step to making the purchase.

Two things put me off, the first has to be drum brakes, (not a fan) and the second was not being able to talk to other users that had put them through the same torture we do, day in and out.

I think what finally made my mind up was having a talk to a tour operator in while on holiday, comparing maintenance and repair schedules and seeing just how reliable they were when used in anger.

Q. We know for example, you have been using the KYMCO MXU150 for a while now – why would you recommend this specific quad?

We currently have ten Kymco’s and as our other brand bikes come up for replacement we will be adding more Kymco’s to the fleet. The bikes have been totally reliable, proved to be as well built as they looked and our maintenance and service costs have more than halved. Still not a fan of the front drum brakes, but it’s a price worth paying for the many plus points the Kymco’s bring to the table.

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