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Thu, 15 May 2014

5 Things Car Drivers Think About When Stuck In Traffic

For many of us, our commute to work is a time to gather our thoughts, maybe catch up on a book, plan the day’s events or stare at that crazy smelly guy again and wonder what he actually does for a living. For others, it’s a time of rage, boredom and panic. Spare a thought for those of us who choose to navigate the concrete jungle of a morning by car – hopelessly stuck in the 8:15am traffic jam.

Kymco take a look at the 5 things car drivers think about when stuck in traffic.

1.       “I should have left earlier”.

We all do it. Get out of bed a little later than usual, watch those morning headlines (or cartoons) for a little too long or just procrastinate a little too much, which sees us hit that unrelenting early morning traffic jam head-on. Making us wish we left just five minutes earlier and missed all that horrendous traffic. It’s ok, “We’ll leave earlier tomorrow.” You always say.

2.       “I wish I had wings.”

Set the scene. You’re sat bumper to bumper, wedged in-between two cars, not moving. If only you could rise up like the commuting phoenix you are and fly to work! Let’s be honest we’ve all thought how awesome it would be if we could sprout wings and fly away, leaving the nose pickers and bored employees sat in their cars as your soar to your desk carefree.  

3.       “Is today the day that Jedi mind tricks work?”

Why won’t that red light turn green? You’re sat there willing that red light to free you from the shackles of this traffic jam, yet it just stares at you unsympathetic to the fact you’re going to be late for your meeting and you really need a wee. Is today the day you finally learn to use The Force? You find yourself saying “Now…Now……and now!” as the green light eventually succumbs to your immense mind trick skills and sets you free.

Or it just stays red - leaving you to hone your skills for another day.

4.       “I wonder what they’re listening to.”

You’ve left your favourite CD at home and you’re forced to listen to the radio. You look around and see someone singing their heart out - a welcome change to that guy picking his nose in the next car. Their belting out a song you’re not familiar with so you try and figure out what they’re singing by changing your radio to sync up with your X-Factor hopeful - with about the same success you’ve had when you last tried to understand what this year’s Eurovision Song Contest runner up was on about. Eventually you discern that they’re singing along to a song you hate and you immediately judge them for it.

5.       “I wish I had a scooter”

You see them all the time, scooters weaving in and out of standstill traffic like they haven’t got a care in the world. Oh to have the same freedom that person has on their daily commute. And look! They’re at the front of the queue again! “They aren’t going to be late!” - you shout in envy whilst thinking about how they probably feel that they’re in Paris or Rome, taking full advantage of the side streets and ornate alleys to get to where they need to be, laughing all the way to that free parking space, with no congestion charge to pay.

Maybe it’s time you left your little 4-wheeled box of rage at home and got yourself a scooter – you think.

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