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Thu, 15 May 2014

120 miles on just 6 of fuel, seriously?

How far do you think you could get for £6 pounds of fuel? 10 miles? 50 miles? How about 120 miles? We do the math for you and show just how a scooter stacks up against an everyday car.

Using the WhatCar? Planner at we compared a Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost’s mileage with that of a Kymco Agility 50 Scooter. The results are particularly interesting.

According to the Ford website the Focus currently boasts an average of 60 Mpg – the Kymco agility 50 trumps that with a whopping 120 miles per gallon.

We threw a search together taking into account certain aspects:

  • Price per gallon of fuel (petrol) is currently £6.
  • Our driving style was that of a school run/commute, which means an average speed of 30 miles an hour
  • And our average mileage was 120 miles per week based on 24 miles a day, there and back

According to our search results, the actual average of the Focus worked out about 27 miles per gallon, even less than advertised.

This meant for every 6 pounds worth of fuel in a car:

  • you could theoretically only travel 27 miles
  • costing roughly £30 per week if you were only using this for the commute/city area.
  • Which works out at around £1560 per year in fuel (52 weeks)

Whereas in the Agility 50, £6 pounds worth of fuel:

  • Is equal to 120 Miles
  • Costing only £6 per week if you were only using this for the commute/city area
  • Which works out at £312 per year (52 weeks)

That’s a saving of £1248 in fuel per year when you choose a scooter over a car. Definitely something to think about when you couple that with the average price tag of a Ford Focus reaching £17,515 vs the more affordable £1199 Kymco Agility 50.

For London commuters, or commuters in general, a scooter is a great way to get around for almost 1/5th of the cost of that of a car. Check out our great range of totally affordable scooters, and take advantage of our great finance deals and subsidised insurance rates. Save money, but get there faster with Kymco scooters.